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16 Things Only BuzzFeeders Understand

*Read the comments* *didn't die*

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1. Spending most* of our time making posts and quizzes.


*all and loving every second of it!

2. Coming up with an idea is always the hard part.

3. But once you think of one, the writing process begins.

Spyglass Entertainment / Via

4. Making lists are a lot of fun.

5. Same goes for quizzes.


6. Getty Images and Thinkstock are our best friends.


All the stock image sites are the real MVP.

7. Spending hours making sure your post comes out perfect.

BuzzFeed / Via

8. Getting excited when your post is ready to be published.


9. Once it’s up and running, you wait to see how people react to it.


10. Seeing your post get promoted is literally the best feeling in the world.


11. Receiving badges is also the best feeling in the world.

12. The feeling you get when a celebrity shares your post never gets old.

13. Reading the comments section is always fun.

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14. You constantly find yourself telling people about your BuzzFeed profile.

DreamWorks Pictures

15. You love looking at other posts and quizzes made by fellow BuzzFeeders.

16. Ultimately, you love being part of such an awesome community because of how loving and supportive everyone is.


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