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17 Hilarious Tweets About Finals Week That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

I wish, I wish, with all my heart, that I can get through these next few weeks without falling apart.

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1. All students want for Christmas is to pass:

if mariah carey can stay irrelevant for 11 months out of the year & peak in december i sure as hell can do the same for finals week

2. No time for relaxation:

when you eating with your family then you realize finals week is almost here 😭😭

3. Netflix > finals week:


4. Procrastination level is at an all time high:


5. RIP, Vee. RIP, me.

i am vee and the van is finals week

6. ♫ Just how fast the night changes ♫

7. *Crosses fingers*

i wish, i wish, with all my heart, that i can get through these next few weeks without falling apart

8. Too stressed:

Going into finals week Bank account: low Health: low Motivation: low Predicted GPA: low Stress/insanity: all time high


9. That's not so bad, right?

10. One does not simply know how to study during finals week:

Me this week 😂📝 #finalsweek

11. Do the math:

Finals week is 10% studying 50% calculating the lowest possible grade I can get in order to pass 100% crying

12. Gotta study hard if you want to pass:

"Just got to get 3,675,683,785% on the final to pass the class." — ETSU


13. No time to celebrate:

When you're already in the Christmas spirit but you remember you've got finals coming up

14. Literally can't even:

15. *Screams internally*

16. Amen 🙏

Finals week is upon us. The College Kid's Prayer: "God, if you help me pass this final exam, I promise I'll study harder next semester."

17. Too real:

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