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    14 Drool-Worthy Places To Eat Mexican Food In Mexico City

    Yay, tacos! But also escamoles, gorditas, mole, tamales, pozole, and much more.

    Hello there! Please note: These restaurants are all equally good! They don't come in any particular order.

    1. El Cardenal — Downtown Mexico

    2. Azul y Oro — University City

    3. Tetetlán — Pedregal

    4. Pujol — Polanco

    5. Mercado El Chorrito — San Miguel Chapultepec

    6. Nicos — Clavería

    7. El Parnita — Roma Norte

    8. Páramo — Roma Norte

    9. Masala y Maíz — Juárez

    10. Contramar — Roma Norte

    11. Carmela y Sal — Lomas

    12. La Poblanita — San Miguel Chapultepec

    13. Arroyo — Tlalpan

    14. La Montejo — Condesa

    Oh yes, and don't forget to wish "Provecho!" to anyone sitting next to you when you eat in Mexico City. It's like saying: "Enjoy your meal!"

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    Jay Fleckenstein / BuzzFeed