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14 Times Your Student Loans Were The Perfect Excuse

"I don't think I can go... My student loans are acting up." *cough* *cough*

1. When your high school bestie decides to have that destination wedding.

2. When your co-worker "forgets" their wallet and asks you to spot them.

3. When your mom asks you why you aren't buying birthday presents for extended family.

4. When people ask if you want to see some dumb movie in 3D.

5. When your roommate asks if their S.O. can move in without paying rent.

6. When your friends want to split a cab but you're right next to the subway.

7. When you're invited on vacation to a place you never ever want to go to.

8. When you're reminded that you promised you'd go to that expensive yoga class.

9. When someone asks if you'll buy their extra ticket to a crappy show.

10. When your parents ask when you're going to buy a plane ticket home.

11. When your S.O. wants to get matching tattoos, but you aren't 100% about it.

12. When it's Valentine's Day, and everyone is expecting to see some huge romantic gesture.

13. When everyone is going to a hip restaurant but you don't want to pay for, like, "pine-nut-infused air."

14. When your college sends alumni donation emails right after you make a payment.

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