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18 Things You Should Never Say To A Bostonian

We don't all have that accent.

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1. "Say, 'Park the car in Harvard Yard.'" / Via Fox


2. "But wait. You don't have the accent!" / Via NBC

Along with a lot of other Bostonians, FYI.

3. "I don't know how you deal with all those blizzards and freezing temperatures!" / Via

We were born for this!

4. "Well, I'm sure the summer temperatures are fine."

5. "Are you a Red Sox fan?" / Via NBC

6. "The Pats had a rough season, huh?" / Via Fox / Netflix

Too soon.

7. "Peyton Manning is a better quarterback than Tom Brady." / Via Screen Gems

Did you even watch the Super Bowl?

8. "Why does everything close so early? Where I'm from, clubs and bars don't close until at least 4 AM!" / Via Warner Bros.

Cool story, bro.

9. "Why are there so many rotaries and roundabouts??"

10. "It's nearly impossible to drive around here." / Via Fox

If you knew how to drive you wouldn't be complaining, TBH.

11. "Your road rage is out of control. You need help."

12. "You should smile more."

13. "Have you ever seen Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, or Mark Wahlberg before?" / Via CBS

Yes, actually, I have. Because they just love to frolic around Beantown, carefree, like the rest of us.

14. "There aren't any cool landmarks here." / Via ABC Family

What, does Fenway Park not ring a bell?

15. "New York City is better." / Via Lionsgate Film

I dare you. I double dog dare you. I TRIPLE dog dare you!

16. "Sucks that your public transit stops running at 1 AM." / Via MTV

17. "Are you from 'Boston-Boston' or 'Boston'?" / Via VH1

(i.e. "Are you really from Boston or are you from the outskirts?")

18. And "Boston is TOO small." / Via

Well, you DO have the option of exploring another city. But Boston is the best, so why would you?

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