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16 Of The Most Rebellious And Unforgettable Advertisements

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements. Only rebellious and risky ads manage to break through the clutter. Along with this #SodaStreamAd, take a look at ads from the previous decades that broke rules and burned permanent holes in our brains.

1. "1984" introduced the Apple Macintosh and changed how we think about personal computers

2. "Daisy", which aired in 1964, set the benchmark for over-the-top political advertising

3. And weird is still selling

4. In 2004, Burger King's interactive "Subservient Chicken" campaign changed the definitions of internet advertising

5. Over the last decade, PETA made waves using lingerie models to sell veganism

6. Spike Lee's art house ads for Air Jordan helped make Nike more than just a shoe company

7. And a simple, grammatically incorrect phrase made a boring food item cool

8. Certain ads unexpectedly invade popular consciousness, like this beer ad from the late 90s

9. Other ads stay in our brains, but probably not in the way they were intended

10. Today, the best ads seem rebellious by making very simple points

11. Which leads us, finally, to the greatest ad of all time...

12. This compilation of rebellious and memorable ads was inspired by SodaStream’s commercial they wouldn't let you see during the big game. It's been making the rounds on YouTube...

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Can you figure out why?