10 Ads You Were Never Meant To See

Word of mouth travels fast, and once you’ve made it to the web, you’re basically golden. Along with this rebellious #SodaStreamAd, take a look at some other ads where YouTube has made it harder to fly under the radar.

1. Japan has historically been the destination for actors looking to stealthily make big ad bucks

It’s apparently also where they love the comedic talent of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2. In Japan, Nicholas Cage has always been free to be Nicholas Cage

3. And Ben Stiller could safely sell booze

4. An Italian telecom company let Leonardo DiCaprio get heavy

5. England is where a contemplative Jeff Goldblum was considered an authority on beer

6. George Clooney and John Malkovich teamed up to pitch Nespresso in Europe

7. Even master painter Salvador Dali got into the international ad game

In 1968, Dalí filmed this bizarre French television ad for Lanvin chocolates.

8. Andy Warhol sold VHS cassettes

9. And film legend Orson Welles slurred his way through a Japanese whiskey ad

10. This collection of rare ads was inspired by SodaStream’s commercial they wouldn’t let you see during the big game. It’s been making the rounds on YouTube…

Can you guess why?

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