Riddle Me This Wickerman…

You think you know wicker? Think again.. Wicker is a style of anything that is woven, the possibilities are endless… Visit Social Wicker: “All Wicker, All the Time!

1. What is anything that is woven.. that can be a shoe, to a hot air balloon to a sofa too?

What is Wicker?
Wicker is an umbrella term used to describe any woven product. So if you can weave it, technically you have wicker. The material is irrelevant as wicker is a style, just like describing a “stripe.” As long as you can touch it, it can be designed from anything. There are many popular uses for wicker, the #1 used form would be wicker furniture.

Wicker Furniture:
There are many types of materials that can be used to create woven (wicker) furniture, including rattan, sea grass, peel, plastic, and resin wicker. You can find these all over the web and in your local furniture stores. Even tag sales and flea markets will still carry some of the older antique pieces of wicker. I highly recommend visiting Etsy if you are looking for the older, more vintage types of wicker. They specialize in wicker baskets, smaller chairs, and vintage women’s wicker bags!
Wicker Paradise is a speciality wicker furniture store carrying both natual and synthetic wicker furniture. You will find a great selection here of contemporary wicker styles and traditional wicker furniture. Everything from bedroom furniture to patio furniture, great variety!

Wicker Furniture Quick Tips & Information from Wicker Paradise
Wicker furniture is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. When it comes to the outdoors, wicker is suitable for any covered area and is not easily affected by severe cold or hot temperatures. For example, a stylish wicker furniture set will last years in a screened-in porch or sunroom. However, to survive in an uncovered outdoor area, we recommend purchasing resin or synthetic wicker furniture. Resin and synthetic wicker furniture is designed for any outdoor living area and is rust, mold and fade resistant. All of our all weather wicker furniture is typically crafted from vinyl wicker and framed on aluminum—making it virtually maintenance-free. While we carry a large inventory of outdoor wicker and rattan furniture, our indoor collection is just as vast and sought-after. Indoor wicker furniture has adorned the homes of millions of people because it is durable, lightweight and relatively flexible. We carry elegant wicker bedroom sets, complete with wicker headboards, nightstands, dressers, lamps, mirrors, wardrobes and more. If you’re searching for practical and stylish indoor wicker furniture, we also carry wicker furniture for your bathroom, living room and kitchen.

What Can Wicker Be??? Anything:

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3. Wicker Vehicles

Barbie’s Pink Fiat with Wicker Seats
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4. Wicker Dog Beds

Pamper your Dog in Style with a nice wicker dog bed.
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5. Wicker Iphone Cases

Rock the Wicker Iphone Case. Your in Style!!
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6. Wicker Hair

Salon Trend: Go get yourself a Wicker Hairstyle :)
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