Monique Mallo Twenty-something year old social media specialist, writer, and expat living in the Middle East. Loving the bipolar weather out here in the desert and the cultural melting pot that is Abu Dhabi.
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  • Why Social Media Marketing?

    According to a Nielsen study, there is an increase in Return of Investments if you bring your business online by 28%. In the UAE alone, there are millions of Facebook users who spend hours of their day online “liking” and “sharing” what they see on the Internet. This is why social media marketing has gone viral these days. You are able to reach people by turning your customers into advocates who advertise for you round the clock. To bring your business online and market your products effectively, you need a website marketing company who will create this channel between you and prospect customers. By engaging in social media marketing, you not only communicate better with current and prospect clients, you are also able to reach them, turn them to advocates of your band, and then market it twenty four hours a day, round the clock!

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