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Human Barbie Sarah Burge Spent $30,000 On Daughter Poppy In Delusional ‘Toddlers And Tiaras’ Quest [WTF]

Is this for real? Human Barbie Sarah Burge has given her 8 year old daughter vouchers for plastic surgery in order to ensure she will dominate in the United States beauty pageant circuit. Uhhh WTF!

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Um. WTF?

Sarah Burge, known as the “Human Barbie” for the immense amount of plastic surgery procedures she has underwent, has made headlines for giving her seven-year-old daughter Poppy gift certificates for breast implants and liposuction.

The woman is spending $30,000 to bring her eight-year-old beauty pageant star daughter to America – to beat Toddlers and Tiaras at their own game. Burge says her daughter Poppy will ‘storm’ the USA pageant scene.

The mother has splashed out thousands on clothes, hair and makeup – and Poppy will even wear a special tooth cover to hide her two missing front teeth.

Poppy, who has taken part in beauty shows in the UK, is now preparing to come to America and will enter her first US pageants during a series of under twelve events in Atlanta, Georgia, in May.

She said: “Poppy will dominate the USA pageant circuit – the English Rose is always the best. Poppy is outgoing and outrageous and we will beat the American children. Poppy knows she will win. She is in training for the American events up to four hours a day before and after school.”

Raise your hand if you think Sarah Burge is an awful mother/person/whatever!

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