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10 Thoughts You Would Have While Calling Adam Levine's Cell Phone

Blake Shelton tweeted out Adam Levine's phone number on an episode of The Voice, and people rushed to call him. Here's what they were probably thinking.

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1. "Please answer your phone."

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Please, please, please.

2. "Will you serenade me?"

3. "Are you mad at Blake?"

4. " this going to last?"

The Associated Press

5. "Do you actually have moves like Jagger?"

6. "Will you love me?"

7. "What are the chances we can meet?"

8. "How do feel about being the 'Sexiest Man Alive?'"

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9. "Where do you get your inspiration from?"

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10. "You're never going to answer this phone are you?"

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At least we tried.

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