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    What. the f**k. is that… I mean, who has time for exams anyway. Studying, going to the exam room, using pens and papers (papers come from trees, we kill trees to do our exams, just saying…), getting depressed, losing contact with society.. No, enough is enough. Exams are just here to label us and turn people against each other. It creates internal wars which can become like wars wars, where people die and all that drama. Do we want that? Umm.. nope. Instead of contemplating nature, society, gossiping, getting drunk, going to the gym, universities and other academic institutions teach us to live the bad life. i mean the only thing I learned from school and university is how to write, read, and opportunity cost, which means that sitting in my room studying has a cost, and that is losing the opportunity of doing something else, maybe even better, like watching mean girls and the devil wears prada for example.. STOP KILLING THE BEAUTIFUL GAY MEN OF RUSSIA, STOP KILLING THE CUTE ANIMALS FOR FUR, AND STOP EXAMS!!!!!

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