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    10 Perfectly Good Songs Ruined By

    Because we've all experienced that moment when we say to ourselves, "this song would sound so much better without"

    1. Crazy Kids (Ke$ha)

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    "She put boobies in my face and now I'm really seeing doubles"

    Classy.'s verse was axed from the album version, but reintroduced for the single in an attempt to boost sales. Unfortunately sales were not aided by the artful addition, and's CG cameo in the video was just plain creepy.

    2. Fall Down ( ft. Miley Cyrus)

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    "I could be your chip. You my dip. Let me dip it up."

    Catchy beat, except for the fact that is sounds exactly like Ke$ha's "Die Young" (which sounds a lot like Avicii's "Levels"). Fortunately for those of us who enjoy Miley's voice, there is this version which is 90% Will free. The lyrics are still cheesy, but they somehow sound much better coming out of her mouth.

    3. Let's Go (ft. Chris Brown)

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    "Love you like my boom-box. Make me wanna moon walk."

    What more could be expected from two of the most despised men in music. Chris Brown's part actually sounds pretty decent, but the minute Will starts "rapping" (1:27) it's on to the next one. Accusations that the beat is an unattributed rip - Arty & Mat Zo's "Rebound" - don't help much either.

    4. #thatpower (Ft. Justin Bieber)

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    "They call me Will-AY. Stay so cool, I'm chill-AY."

    Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber's voice sounds great. What's not so great are the clearly Kanye West "Stronger" inspired lyrics and an awkward music video concept...those hats. At least a good beat makes this one fun to dance to.

    5. Better Than Yesterday (Sidney Samson)

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    "Bang bang killer in ya town"

    This one holds up pretty well until it suddenly breaks down into complete weirdness around the 1:20 mark. Lyrics about partying and small town shootings do not mesh well. Color me unsettled.

    6. Boom Boom Pow (The Black Eyed Peas)...

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    "Beats so big I'm steppin' on [a] leprechaun"

    ...and pretty much every other Black Eyed Peas song ever made. The group didn't make it big until the addition of Fergie as a lead vocalist, and even the "solo" effort #willpower is mostly comprised of duets. Quite frankly, nobody listens to a song for Sorry Will.


    7. Fergalicious (Fergie)

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    "Girl you tasty"

    Fergie's break away from the Black Eyed Peas painted her as a strong, independent woman who was tired of being held back by the boys. Unfortunately for us, it wasn't long before she let back into her life to trash an otherwise hot single with his cheap lyrics.

    8. I'm In The House (Steve Aoki)

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    "I got these hunnies screamin' ow...ow, ow, ow, ow"

    Ouch is right. Masked as alter ego [[[Zuper Blahq]]], Will admits that his lyrics cause women physical pain. At least he's honest.

    9. This Is Love (ft. Eva Simons)

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    "Love for the orchestra. Violin. Cello."

    So close to successful. Eva Simons kills it on the chorus and the beat is solid, but the lyrics about Will's love affair with stringed instruments leave much to be desired. Not to mention the awkward duet he has with his magically rain resistant laptop in the video. That was uncomfortable to watch.

    10. Wavin' Flag (K'NAAN)

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    It's not so much the lyrics in this one, but more the uninspiring delivery. Will halfheartedly repeats lyrics that clearly mean so much more to K'NAAN in this remix, which was used as Coca-cola's 2010 World Cup anthem.

    To be fair...

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