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An Ode To Pretzels

A snack isn't just a snack. And a pretzel certainly isn't just a pretzel. It's a way of life! Snyder's of Hanover is here to help you pay homage to your favorite treat this summer by paying you in a $10,000 sweepstakes!

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Oh no, it's that time of day again...

When lunch just isn't enough...

The snack machine might be a risk, but what more do I have to lose?!

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Apparently nothing! Hello there, pretzels!

Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock

Your curves: so smooth, yet so very rough to the touch.

alenkadr / Thinkstock

Oh, how I've missed your crunch.

How you manage to be both salty and sweet is beyond me.

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What else tastes as good covered in chocolate as it does in mustard? WHAT ELSE?!

Jim Parkin / Shutterstock

NOTHING! Don't even get me started on what happens when I dip you in hummus... or ANYTHING.

Jonathan Kantor / Getty Images

OMG, almost forgot about that time I baked with you. Now THAT was special.

tawest64 / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: tawest64

Did I mention you're ALWAYS the protagonist in any trail mix?

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But actually though. Think about how grateful snack tables are for you.

Madeleine Openshaw / Thinkstock

And seasons are WAY more fun with you around.

Meaghan O'Malley / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: ohmeaghan

We've just been through so much together, ya know, pretzels? Your glory is literally timeless!

Thanks for being that sassy snack that isn't too sassy for its own good.

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