The 10 Best Web Series You're Not Watching

As more and more web series get picked up by major networks, it is time to start paying attention to the stars of tomorrow. But in a endless sea of digital series, where do you start? Don't worry I got your back. In no particular order, here are 10 amazing shows with the potential to blow up at any time.

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Mystery Squad Gals

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Tween mystery solvers Tamberlyn and Crystal are out to solve any case that comes their way. No matter how grisly they may be. Lance Bass, Bobcat Goldthwait, Kevin Meaney and Mario Cantone. (NSFW). Watch it at this link.

Someone Not There

Sunday Afternoon Productions / Via

Elle is, and has been in love with her best friend Roland, for years. They are perfect for each other, but Elle & Roland have remained safely in the “friend” zone – until they sleep together on the night of Roland’s magazine launch. Watch it at this link.

The Division

Eric Won / Via

THE DIVISION tells the story of Nick Trever (Andrew Bowen of MadTV and Rock Jocks), who fights for his family against a mysterious organization called The Division. The Division is an action packed, edge of your seat thriller. Watch it at this link.

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