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    3 Ways Che Holloway Proves Acting Is The Same As Entrepreneurship.

    As someone who follows both film making/acting and startups, I have started to see some parallels. Actors and entrepreneurs have a lot more in common than most people think. Actor Che Holloway is proving to have all the right characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

    Actors Disrupt

    Dark Justice / Via

    In acting just as in startups, you have to do something that is disruptive to the status quo in order to stand out from the crowd. Che does this in the recently released series he stars in Dark Justice. In the series he plays officer Amir Johnson who is the first black cop in a small town. OK so what is so disruptive? Well with race tensions as high as they are in this country, Che uses comedic satire to defuse the tension while still addressing the issue. It brings a level of comfort to an uncomfortable situation. The same applies to startups right? When you are trying to create something audacious you need to be able to also make people feel comfortable making the change.

    Watch Che in Dark Justice here.

    Actors Fail

    PRESSURE (Hood Drama) / Via

    For every Ryan Reynolds there are probably 100 guys that are equally talented but never make it. Among the actors who do go on to be famous, they had to fail along the way. This holds true in startups as well. Statistics vary, but it’s safe to say that 70%-90% of startups fail. Sometimes with perfect execution. If you are an actor or entrepreneur, you need to go into it knowing you will get your junk kicked in all the way to the top (or bottom statistically speaking).

    Watch Che in PRESSURE (Hood Drama) here.

    Actors Have Passion

    Dark Justice / Via

    So why would anyone become an actor or entrepreneur? Passion. It’s that simple. I would say that the actors or entrepreneurs that get into it with money as the main motivator will fail overall. There has to be something that carries you through all the failure. All the tough times. If you want it so bad and love doing it so much that you can’t sleep at night, you are probably in it for the right reason.

    Watch the full scene here.

    You can watch Che Holloway in Dark Jusice, PRESSURE (Hood Drama) and Modieval for free on Stream Now TV.

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