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Which Member Of The Tuba Section Are You?

Don't like your result? That's tubad.

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  1. Which member of Big Time Rush do you identify most with?

  2. If you didn't play the tuba, what would you play?

  3. Which of these are you most likely to say?

    *talks to Molly*
    "Yeah boi"
    "That's wild"
  4. What's your favorite phantom song?

    All I Ask of You
    Prima Donna
    The Phantom of the Opera
  5. What do you like to wear?

    Crew Socks
    Cargo Shorts
  6. Where do you hang out after school?

    Band room
    Ms. Finn's
    Wherever your ride home that day happens to be
  7. Which section (besides the tubas) are you BFFs with?

    French Horns
  8. Pick a word to describe you

  9. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you hate sitting in front of percussion?

    I'm kinda indifferent tbh
    More than anything else in the world
  10. How much do you love the tuba?

    Enough to still play it
    As much as Russer loved Peepo
    It's better than not being in band at all

Which Member Of The Tuba Section Are You?

You got: Lachlan

You're Lachlan! Even though you seem quiet, you play louder than Erik and pleasantly surprise the rest of the section. You're also very smart and look EXACTLY like the rest of your family members. You're pretty much way better than everyone else too, so you're always first chair.

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You got: Erik

You're Erik! You're the meme master and the only dynamic you've ever known is fortissimo. Sometimes Bob yells at you for being too loud but you don't care because tubas should be heard!! Band and running are basically your life, but you're okay with that. You also hang out with the horns a lot and might as well be their 5th member.

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You got: Charlotte

You're Charlotte! You're the mom of the group and the only concert piece you thoroughly enjoy playing is sleigh ride. You're last chair but it doesn't matter because you still get the nicest tuba. Even though you say you hate band it's actually one of your favorite classes and you also tend to run into things a lot and have knocked down and broken both a plaque and a marching band picture.

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You got: Stephanie

You're Stephanie! You're the tubas' first ever second girl! Although you're only a beginner and are confused and pretty much helpless all of the time, you make up for it with lots of enthusiasm. You're really into theater and musicals, much more so than any of the other tubas and if you joined symphonic band, you would probably beat out Charlotte, which means you'd have to sit next to Erik and be bullied by him every day.

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