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One Jen Went

One bestie gets to take a spring break and the other is left to work in pathetic despair.

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Jenn2 (Left) and Jen1(Right)

Good friends, often travel together but not this time.....
Jenn / Via my photos

Good friends, often travel together but not this time.....

Jenn2 quickly discovers needing space heaters stuck at work while fielding the onslaught of beach texts from a vacationing bestie ain't no fun. / Via my personal facebook page

Jenn2 at work.

Jen1 shares her ecstasy in pie.

Jenn2 Shares her "dessert."

Jen1 having fun exploring more beach. / Via My personal facebook

Jenn2 explores couch. / Via My facebook page.

Jen1 continues the beach bragging.

Jenn2 cleans up Jen1's dog shiz.

Jen1 taking in the tranquility and listening to the lapping of the waves.

Facebook: video.php / Via Posted by Jen1 to my facebook post.

Jen1 on the beach, yet again.

Jen1 misses Jenn2 so much she attempts a likeness of her in the sand.

Jenn2 recreates likeness of Jen1 in the sand near her.

Jen1 enjoying a drive down the beach.

Facebook: video.php

Jenn2 finally gets a day off.

Facebook: video.php

Jenn2 makes it to circus outing with the family.

Facebook: video.php

Jen1 goes out for fancy drinks. / Via facebook

Still making the most of the circus.

Jen1 goes out for amazing drinks and dining.

Jenn2 carries on at circus.
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