snotty hanky
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    • snotty hanky

      Ow wow. All the commenters here are completely sane. You think that, when somebody sends the president a letter with ricin purporting to be some Elvis impersonator with a few enemies (which is basically an invitation for the federal security services to torture this Elvis impersonator for the rest of his life), then the Elvis impersonator probably sent it, and not his enemies. But why would somebody volunteer to be kidnapped, tortured and killed? Ah, you clever sane people. You say it’s because he’s crazy, so crazy that he volunteers for torture and murder. How very wise and clever you are. Surely you have proof that he’s crazy, because such craziness is certainly a rarity. If you point at a random person and tell me that he’s so crazy he’s volunteering to be tortured and murdered, I’ll think that that kind of claim requires a bit of justification, because it’s extreme. So what justification do you have for claiming that this random person is so crazy that he’s prepared to volunteer for torture? Oh, I get it. It’s because you’re so incredibly sane and clever that, whenever you laugh at somebody and call him crazy, he’s actually crazy.

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