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Ranking The Top 20 Characters From "Dazed And Confused"

A list of the 20 best characters from the cult classic Dazed and Confused. Based not on likability, but rather the greatness of the character's identity.

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20. Carl Burnett (Esteban Powell)

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This snobby kid barely cracked the list, but did so because of his revenge prank on O'Bannion. He left Mitch to take all the freshman hazing, while finishing the Friday night without any paddle licks.

19. Clint Bruno (Nicky Katt)

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It's near impossible to actually like this "super dominant male in a '50s greaser uniform," but you have to respect his ruthlessness and eagerness to get into a brawl. It's easy to say that we were all happy when he got what was coming for him from none other than Mike Newhouse.

18. Shavonne Wright (Deena Martin)

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Arguably the most beautiful girl in this entire movie, Shavonne, the textbook popular high school girl, has a small part. But she should be recognized for bringing out the best in our pal Don.

17. Mr. Pickford (Richard Dillard)

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Anyone can argue that this man is solely responsible for the great Friday night we all witnessed. He, being the responsible dad, cancelled Pickford's party which ultimately led to the night of mailbox busting, moontower partying, and Emporium hanging we all loved. Thanks for your parenting, Mr. Pickford.

16. Benny O'Donnell (Cole Hauser)

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Like Clint, this guy is not the most enjoyable character in the movie. Whether he's hazing freshman with no mercy, or chewing out Pink for wanting to quit football, Benny is crucial to many good scenes in the movie.

15. Julie Simms (Catherine Morris)

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Up until meeting Julie, our innocent Mitch Kramer was having a good night. Then at first sight, his night went from good to great. Julie is a cool girl who was happy to help Mitch with his plan to get back at O'Bannion.

14. Sabrina Davis (Christina Hinojosa)

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Sabrina and the girls serve as a female mirror to Mitch and the guys. What she lacks in likability she makes up for with her romantic storyline with the dorky Tony.

13. Jodi Kramer (Michelle Burke)

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Jodi is the sweetest troublemaker you'll ever find. Despite good intentions, she ends up harming those she attempts to protect. What you have to love is the big sister role she takes on for Sabrina as they both enjoy the first Friday night of the summer.

12. Fred O'Bannion (Ben Affleck)

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As perhaps the most successful actor to come out of this movie, it's laughable that Ben Affleck plays the least likable character in this film. Whether he's terrorizing freshman or talking trash to his pool adversaries, O'Bannion is as good at being a jerk as anyone.

11. Tony Olson (Anthony Rapp)

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There's a Tony in every high school class. The geeky blond with a Holden Caulfield-esque perspective on high school nightlife finally decides to venture off the poker table and into the social world. An all-nighter with friends and a romantic rendezvous show that wasn't such a bad idea.

10. Melvin Spivey (Jason O. Smith)

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One scene says it all with this man. After Mitch fetches him a six-pack of beer known as a "sixer," Mel graciously gives everyone around him a beer while telling Mitch to keep the change. That level of kindness deserves to be recognized.

9. Kevin Pickford (Shawn Andrews)

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Pickford, who was supposed to have had a greater role in this film, is the embodiment of the free-spirit way of life these kids lives by. His classic line, "We're the aliens," is one of the best in the movie.

8. Don Dawson (Sasha Jenson)

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The film's chief hedonist Don Dawson is always looking for a good time, and that's it. His antics involve hitting on teachers and faking the arrival of the cops at parties. Whatever he's doing, all that matters is that he's doing things the best he can and having the best time doing it.

7. Mitch Kramer (Wiley Wiggins)

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Being the biological little brother of Jodi and the social little brother of Pink, Mitch Kramer is an integral part of Dazed and Confused. Calm and collected, he takes everything thrown at him in the coolest way possible. And after the beating he got, he deserves the night he experienced.

6. Cynthia Dunn (Marissa Ribisi)

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The "red-headed intellectual" everyone loves, Cynthia has some of the best lines in the movie. Between her "every other decade" theory and innocent interest in Wooderson, she climbs the list as the second-best female in the film.

5. Mike Newhouse

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Mike Newhouse appears to be the smartest kid in the Robert E. Lee high school class of 1977. His over-analyzation of everything put in front of him makes him a very interesting character. Plus he proves to everyone, including himself, that he's not just an "ineffectual nothing" by punching Clint in the face.

4. Darla Marks (Parker Posey)

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Darla is the meanest girl in the entire school. The film's director, Richard Linklater, has said that upon meeting Parker Posey he got a more vicious portrayal of Darla than he could've ever imagined. And it shows, because not many watching this film could enjoy her sinister personality.

3. Randall 'Pink' Floyd (Jason London)

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The glue of the high school class, and essentially the glue of the entire movie, is Randall Floyd, well-known as Pink. Throughout the movie he goes through the same existential phase we all do in high school. A man who appears to have it all, doesn't seem to like what he has, and wants more. The greatest thing about him though is how took Mitch Kramer under his wing for the night. That's pretty cool.

2. David Wooderson (Matthew McConaughey)

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What was originally a small part turned into an icon. Matthew McConaughey brilliantly portrays a high school graduate stuck in his school days. Cars, chicks, marijuana, and rock ‘n’ roll are the only things on this man's brain, and Cynthia, our favorite red-headed intellectual, fulfills one of those. A legendary performance, and a character that will always be remembered.

1. Ron Slater (Rory Cochrane)

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The stoner god that is Ron Slater tops the list. He comes off as a mindless pothead, but as the film goes on he develops into the best character with great rants. He has a passion for marijuana history and everything that comes with smoking weed. No character can top the laughs and feelings Slater produces with his plant-based conversations.

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