10 Reasons You Are a ‘New Girl’ In You Everyday Life

Makes living all the more fun

You take being jobless as a reason to do something you thought was absolutely crazy(but secretly wondered how it would feel like)

when you are constantly reminded to complete your work

That time of the month!…ugh! Off course Zoey gets your conflicting feelings

Via Tumblr

When you got to the beach only to find out your friend can’t throw anything straight into the ocean..crazy hilarious

You are kinda done acting cool in clubs and you just wanna ‘do my own thang”!

People just don’t get why some of us stay away from scary houses.. It’s for their own good

Via buzzfeed

or just… for your own good

Talking to yourself before an interview is totally normal.

and then you’re all set to nail it!

You break into a crazy dance when you’re excited

When one of your favourite songs from back in the days come on the radio you go nuts off course and….

…you have a bunch of friends who will go nuts with you..what fun!

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