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Lets Listen From New Player In Publishing, Yaswanth Tinku

Yaswanth Tinku

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Lets Listen From New Player In Publishing, Yaswanth Tinku

what are you doing these days, Yaswanth? Tell me more about you?

I am in the final year of my graduation now ,I am interested in entrepreneurship and research activities, this has become a passion for me .i have filed a patent last year on a research I have done.I also worked as a Mozilla Firefox representative for startups. When I was in my second semester of my graduation Myself and three of my friends teamed up to make a startup. In the journey of our first startup, we experienced many hardships. we started working as organizers/facilitators for TechStars Global startup community. With the experience we gained from TechStars, however like all startups  we were also facing a lot of difficulties in our venture but this small, scrappy, hard-working team’s vision expanded and landed on an interesting thought that

“What if we could stop startups from failing and give them a new platform to share everything in the startup industry?

As a result, we have started Evolution incubators-An incubation network for early age startup age ideas, We have successfully incubated 5startups until now Hoping to do the best in coming future. Presently we are aimed at building a Self-publishing house “Bookspringpress” which helps the present and future authors to publish their books easily.

What do you think will bring disruption in Indian Start up Industry?

I believe that the way to look at disruption is to talk about it to a

developed market. Disruption works when you implement new innovations with what you already have “Big data, machine learning, and AI will transform the way we function and work,”

Favorite Entrepreneurs? 

Jack-ma. No entrepreneur that I know has changed so many industries, nor had so many successes, all after a huge personal failure. Had he not failed, his success would seem unattainable to "mere mortals," but the fact that he had to start all over gives hope and shows us the power of failure.

What are your next 10 year plans?

Bringing tremendous change in the areas we choose

How did you connect with Nikhil Chandwani? How did he mentor you?

I met him in a Café in the college. He, a visionary and a startup coach has coached a lot of ideas and helped shape ideas into reality. I was fascinated by the knowledge he endured. We began to travel with him and learn things

What made you initiate publishing in India?

Although the education sector has received tremendous traction and with key players like Simplilearn, Vedanta, and BYJU’s securing heavy funds, the publishing sector has not witnessed many new players or advancement of technology. The Indian publishing ecosystem is still largely dominated by the likes of Penguin, Macmillan, and Cambridge University Press India, among others. We thought why can’t capture the market.

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