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Interview With Sensational Indian Author, Siddharth Zuko Sabari

Siddharth Zuko Sabari's interview

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Author of Figmented Reality

1) How did you start your journey as a writer?

I never wanted to be writer. I was dyslexic and language was my biggest weakness. It was something that just happened. My writing journey per say started when I was in my college days. I used write when I was stressed out during my college days, not necessarily studies. In college days, we try to be many things from a wannabe engineers in the first year to the stressed out,frustrated, arrears filled wannabe professionals. Between these two times, we are lost and writing was a way to be found. Writing was way to express yourself without judgement. I used to start on a book with one chapter and have a writer's bloc and forget about it and then again write totally different subject. It took a push from a person to make me to sit and focus on one subject and finish the story. My second book which is to be released soon, was actually a dream I had which made me write.

2) You're a budding business man as well, how does it feel marketing in the modern world of social media?

Marketing is an important aspect of any product. Being in a Trading business, I understand the need for marketing and Social Media is a useful tool in marketing the products, giving a larger audience to target but it has its own disadvantages like any tool. Digital Marketing has enormous potential but traditional marketing will help in some products.

3) How did you find a publisher?

I was the lucky few who got publisher in the first attempt itself. It was the same person who pushed me to write, who suggested Leadstart Publishers for my first book. It was pure luck as I know people who have struggled to get their books published and my book was accepted at the first instance. This is something I say to people who ask about getting publishers, "Dont write to publish. Writing is something much more than publishing. It is a way to connect with your thoughts and a record of your thoughts." My late grandfather was avid reader & writer of philosophical books, but he never had anything published. He wanted to get them published but for him writing was something much more than that. Once you finish writing, search for a publisher who is willing to accept your thoughts and message you are willing to give.

4) Who were your inspirations?

There are couple of inspirations I have when it comes to writing. The person I keep talking about in the previous questions is Nikhil Chandwani. He made me focus on one story and asked me to finish that and move on to the next one. My writing journey also started because of him. Sometimes jealousy/envy could be used in a positive way and when he had released his first book & was becoming a star of our university, it is when I thought I should start writing. It was out of pure envy of him that made me write and I am still jealous of him as he keeps getting further away & away and I am unable to catch up to him.

Second inspiration is for my writing style. I was inspired by one of the greatest Indian Writer/Author/Storyteller. RUSKIN BOND. There are only few books I have read in my life & out of which 90% would be of Ruskin Bond. I read his book back when I was in middle school when I read one of his books "Rusty Runs Away". The book completely captivated me and especially the ending where he doesn't make the ship & has to go back to where it all started. It made me realize, sometimes it is not the end but the journey that matters.

5) How did you manage studying and writing the book?

During my school & college days, I had time to write especially after class but it gave an opportunity to mingle with people and know their stories but my book was writing during my professional career. i was having highly routine life which was physically sucking life. I wanted to have an distraction is when I started to write my first book and finished in 6 months. I used to have a routine of 1000 words/1 hour of writing everyday.

Siddharth Sabari is an Author based out of Chennai. Born in Mumbai, he did his majority of his schooling in Chennai & went on to complete his graduation from VIT University,Vellore Campus. His first book is Figmented Reality, based on the mental strain of addiction and the role it plays on shaping of a boy into man into something dangerous. He is scheduled to release his second book in couple months which on the need of power and has already began his work on the third book which is romantic novel.

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