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Interview With Dinesh Chandwani

Author of EMEG

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Dinesh Chandwani, bestselling author


q1) Tell me something about yourself?

My name is Dinesh Chandwani, I am 29 years old.

q2) As a traveler writing a book, what were the challenges you faced?

The major challenges I faced while writing my first book was the interjection and the conjecture which interlink humor and Fiction. For a writer, these are the most important things, I presume. It's not always about a good story. How well it is connected and put up in words that are what matters. Also, I have been told by a lot of foreign readers that they do not prefer Indian writers due to grammatical issues and the language.

q3) What made you change your job?

Well, there are some decisions which we take as per our gut and switching from Hospitality to Education was a calculated risk as both are my field of Interest. Creativity was the prime focus which kept me in the loop the whole time.

q4) What brings you greatest joy?

When I see the world upside down in a free-fall and me falling towards Earth at a speed on 160k's. This gives me a reason to live and my greatest joy because it keeps my ego in check as I feel too small to be compared to my surroundings. I believe the probability of me being a human which according to science is 400 trillion to one, should be enough logically approved reason for me to be joyful but still, my desires of being in the air keep my sanity in check.

q5) What is on your bucket list?

My bucket list is actually quite swarming, I want to live like a European Teen, work for Six months and travel the world and write about my experiences on my blog. I always wanted to publish my own novel with a different genre than love, which is a check for now but I want to continue writing novels with different genres, I have almost finished my next two novels and they will be out in the market soon. My list also includes me being a food blogger. I want to retire when I am 45, till then I want to work 24*7*365.

q6) What is on your perennial to-do list?

My to-do list has always been travel & Adventure sports, irrespective of whatever I do, I make sure I have time for these things. I can even avoid my family to an extent for my extreme sports fantasies. I hope to be a skydiving trainer and a better writer in the near future. My to-do List also includes improving the country's education system to an extent where the students have all the resources they need at the tip of their hands. We want Communication skills to be a prime necessity for education & upliftment of youth.

q7) How did you connect to Nikhil Chandwani and the help you received from him?

Nikhil Chandwani is one hell of younger brother I have, his knowledge about politics and the creative field we work for is quite interesting. I have actually learned a lot from him in the entire process. His creativity and my Business development skills are the prime-facto of the Walnut. He has actually helped me a lot while my novel was under process, his unique suggestions brought a change which helped me nurture a better script for the novel.

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