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Interview With Author Of "The Special Fish" Siddharth Roy

Siddharth Roy

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Siddarth Roy is an author, Sportsman and Speaker

Q1) Tell me something about yourself?

I am Siddharth Roy from Nagpur, currently studying in Whistling Woods International and learning Media and Mass Communication, and also inclined towards Direction field. I did my 12th standard from Hislop College, Nagpur. I love to write. I have written many articles and essays which have been published in local newspapers and magazines. I am also a budding poet and written many poems. I am also a very active sportsperson and play Badminton regularly. I am an ambivert personality but like to meet new souls and love to listen to the different perspective of life.

Q2) What brings you life's greatest joy?

Doing what I love to do gives me the greatest joy. Following your passion and seeing the new sun every day with it is what I love. But my ultimate dream is to give others joy and happiness, the field I am in gives me a supreme chance to bring a smile on everyone’s face, one is through my writing and other is through donating the profits for the betterment of our society. I would like to give everyone a chance to choose their career and that is why I am working with a school to help children not just academically but also to become a good human being first. Seeing their smile at the end of the day gives me enormous pleasure and I would like to keep the smile forever on their face and as well as on my readers face.

Q3) What is on your bucket list?

My journey started in a unique manner. To bunk a maths test I chose to write a poem. I had no clue what I would write but I was pretty sure that I would flunk in my maths exam. After writing that poem for 6 hours, it became the turning point of my life. It was loved by teachers and it got selected for Central Board Of Education. ( A Central Education Board of India) That was the small step for the infinite long journey of exploration.

After that poem, I started writing many stories, articles, poems and everyone started liking them. But the Indian society is such that not for a second it will let you think anything else other than core fields like engineering or doctor. So the writer inside me never came out. When I was 17 years, (In 11th grade) I started writing my first novel, it initiated as a short story but what gave me the enthusiasm to write the novel was to do something different from others. The writing process was very difficult because being a science student you are always expected to study. The society is not very friendly when it comes to doing something different. But I did not lose hope, my parents were always very supportive so with their blessings finally, I released my first book “The Special Fish” in November 2016. The book entirely changed my life, all of a sudden everything started to fall on a plate, the people who criticised me and said ‘Author’s have no respect’ started praising me. I understood that this society is very mean, you always have to fight against it to get your name up. After releasing my book I realized that I should do what I love and what I can do in present and stop thinking about future and start listening to my heart. When I started doing that I got results, I won a silver medal in prestigious state badminton championship. I also passed my 12th examination with fairly good marks. 11th and 12th grades were basically the most mesmerizing years of my life.( Though I am still 18) This was only possible due to the contribution of my parents who always supported me, Dr. Sameer Phale who being a Biology teacher always supported me and enhanced my creativity and Dr Nikhil Chandwani who is my mentor behind this small success.

The book soon became a bestseller and I became a daily contributor with a very famous English daily called ‘The Hitavada’ I was interviewed by many newspapers, tv channels, radio channel because of a uniqueness associated with the book and that is whatever profits I am earning, I am donating to the families of drought hit farmers to save them. Because I get whatever I want so I want to help them in all ways I can. I am a huge fan of Manchester United and soon I became football analyst for a show named as ‘Fanzone’ which is telecasted worldwide, till now I have been on the air for 6 times. The things were going smoothly now and also everyone was happy seeing my success, then I entered the world of scripts and after struggling for a fairly good amount of time I was named as Creative Head of Walnut Discoveries. This achievement took media by shock and very soon I was awarded by World Record for ‘Youngest to appoint as Creative Head’ by world record India.

These all things are taking me closer to my dreams, a dream of being different than others. I knew that chasing my dreams is my passion but I also had in my mind that there is nothing greater in the world to help people chase their dreams, so I started working with Abhudaya Global Village school, where poor children and farmers children came to study. I started interacting with them and will soon start a project to fund their education. That gives me immense pleasure. I also started speaking at many big events after this.

Meanwhile, everything was going on I did not forget that what gave me success was my book, so now my second book ‘Rise In Love’ is ready and is in publishing and hopefully will release this year, exactly after 1 year of a debut novel.

And most recently I and my amazing team made a short humanitarian film on Ganesh Chaturthi ( A vibrant festival in India) named as “Vinayak Yatra” which deals with the concept of human creation (fiction) and modern scenario of India. In just 7 days it crossed 60 thousand views on Facebook. I am also selected for DKI project in association with NASA. (future details are yet to come)

Still, many people ask me ‘what I want to be in future?’ My answer is ‘ I am undecided, I just want to work hard, help others and be different. I am undecided’

The word undecided gives me the motivation to move ahead and reach where I see myself. The journey might look icing on the cake but frankly, it is a nightmare. Nothing has come easy till now and nothing will be so I prepare myself for the worst to be better each passing day.

Q4) What is on your perennial to-do list?

I have many things in my perennial to do list. The major upcoming thing is my new novel, ‘Rise In Love’. A story of a family of Rape Victim and the genre is romantic motivation. Other things coming are new short movies and if everything falls in a plate then I would direct a feature film also. I have plans for new novels in future and also work with the social organization and help needy people. I am also planning to deliver talks and bring a change in the mindset of Indians about choosing mainstream careers.

Q5) How did you connect to Nikhil Chandwani and the help you received from him?

I connected with Nikhil Chandwani sir through Facebook and I cannot describe his contribution towards my success story. He is my mentor and throughout my journey, he supported me and guided me. It was him to encouraged me to write and fight against the society. He made me realize that writing is the cure to all the problems. He gave me a new vision towards life and I am glad to have him as my mentor because he has always helped me selflessly. I have not met any other selfless person like him yet.

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