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Dr.Shakila's Inspirational Interview

Upcoming Author Dr.Shakila's Inspirational Interview

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Dr.Shakila's Inspirational Interview

1. Please tell us about yourself?

My name is Dr.Shakila, blooming in the mid-years of my age, hailing from a very iconic city of pearls, Hyderabad, famous for its culture, cuisine, and customs. My interest and curiosity about life and its variations, has propelled me into choosing the life sciences as my educational majors. I finished my doctorate in zoology from an international university and I am working as an academician from past two decades, teaching life sciences to the pre-university students. An ardent music lover and a connoisseur of great food, an avid reader, a globe-trotter with a passion to explore the various parts of the world to enjoy the pristine beauty of nature.

2.Share some light on your journey in writing.

My journey of writing began by chance, as it was never pre-planned. Being an avid reader of books, I used to admire the writing style of many authors and they always use to linger in my thought process for a long time. Slowly, this retention of writing styles paved a way for my own string of thoughts which took the form of beautiful words, building beautiful sentences, eventually catapulting into meaningful articles and stories. My practical approach towards the various aspects of life has given me the strength to voice out my ideas and views in a constructive way.

3.What is your book about?

My book is about the beautiful journey of thoughts which plays an integral part in our monotonous life. As we meet a lot of people from all walks of life in our sojourn, who either leaves an impregnable memory or an invisible scar on our mindset. This reading expedition will make us sit and introspect our thought process, as we generally assume or analyze things very easily by the drop of the hat. We never try to understand the real cause of their actions and reactions, but come to a conclusion very quickly.

This book is a small step towards the practical analysis of human behavior to prepare for and to accept the imperfections in their own ways.

4. What can readers expect from your reading?.

This book will lay a beautiful track for the wandering thoughts of our day to day life, and synchronize them into a simple and analytical point of view. It is designed to put us in a positive retrospective mode, to deal with various aspects encountered in the journey of our life with a touch of human essence and empathic approach to conquering the heart and mind.

As people can be our biggest asset or our biggest liability. This thought has made me structure this book to emphasize on the virtues of being compassionate and considerate, rather than being obstinate and arrogant.

5.Some words for Dr.Nikhil chandwani...

Speaking about Dr.Nikhil Chandwani is like showing light to the moon. An adroit, with an exemplary example, who has shown that how other people can become our best resource. I feel honored and privileged to be acquainted with Dr.Nikhil who has played a major role in making this book a reality. From the baby steps to the perfect execution, he has been the back bone of support. He inhaled the concept of my thoughts and exhaled it into a perfect manuscript version.

Without the support and confidence of him, this book of mine would have remained as a dormant dream, never seeing the light of the day. From this platform, I would like to thank Dr.Nikhil Chandwani from the depth of my heart, for believing my efforts and thereby executing it to a perfect volume.

5. What are your future plans?

Well, talking about my future plans, a few lines of Robert Frost, I would like to quote...”The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep..”.

In the same way, I want my journey to last for a long time, producing the best and potential writings, which will mark a place for itself in the literary world. At present, I am also working on my other pet projects, a novel by name...” Soulmate....The symphony of hearts” and a book called “ Cruise of poignancy”.

7. Your vision for India 2020?.

When we have to visualize about anything on a broader perspective, we should always aim for the bigger aspirations, challenging our own potentials and exploring the new avenues to scale up the greater heights of success. The ability without responsibility, credibility, and flexibility becomes a liability. In the same way, every responsible citizen of this country should evaluate his potential and utilize them for building up the nation. As the quality of the work and the quality of the worker are inseparable, the thoughts of innovation should reflect in the actions also.

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. So, my vision, which I dream with my eyes open in broad daylight, is to see my country excel in all the fields, making an undaunted mark in the history, to be remembered for its accomplishments, rather than its unsavory political aspirations.

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