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Author Of An Old Monk, Talks To BuzzFeed

Interview with Prab Keerat Mahendru

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Keerat Singh with Nikhil Chandwani

Prab keerat Mahendru is a management graduate from Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh after picking up travel writing as his career choice Keerat developed his passion for writing threw concert observation.

He is an author of an old monk and currently working on his the second book which is about male prostitution. He is currently working as a customers service officer at Indigo airlines, in Hyderabad.

1.) How did you start your journey as a writer?

Initially, there was no intention to become a writer, frankly speaking, I write horribly. It was just a chain of reactions of wanting to do something in life which initially started with wanting to work with discover the channel which triggered and brought out the writer in me, me being in 3 years of my BBA in college I met Nikhil Chandwani he was my professor in college and happen to meet him and him channelized all my urge to do something thing in life I shared with him that I wanted to work with discovery channel and him helped me bring out the writer in me.

2) You're a budding traveling as well, how does it feel traveling in

the modern world of social media?

Travelling is something which I hold very close my heart, but

today's world traveling is all about posting in social media, you

just can’t feel the moment and live in it until you keep urself

away from social media, even I am used to doing all these things it’s become and part and a parcel of life, you just can’t keep your self away. You need to show people that where you are traveling and what are you doing?

It feels suffocating for me.

In one word if I could describe it would be “SHOW OFF”

3) How did you find a publisher?

Initially when I completed writing the book and I was

interacting with people regarding that what should be done

next, people totally scared the shit out of me that you won't find

a publisher and there is poetry who are been trying to find a

publisher since 10 years, seriously I was scared about the fact

to find a publisher, but this was all just moved out of me once i

reached Nagpur and me and Nikhil Chandwani sir sat together and listed

out few publishers and the very first mail was sent to ROOPA

which I never got a reply for and the sent a mail to power

publishers I got a reply back from in just 3 days and they said

they are ready to publish my book the happiest moment

that was.

4) Who were your inspirations?

Frankly speaking, the only inspiration which kept on and still is

making me work is to just give my parents happier life and give

them all the happiness in the world is the only inspiration

which keep me moving, and on the other hand there is Nikhil Chandwani sir, i have seen him writing his books on his phone like people play games and he writes his books on his phone, that shows

how passionate he is about writing, that gives me a lot of

push towards what I want to achieve in life.

5) How did you manage to study and writing the book?

Studying and writing to different parts of life which I brought

them together, I was never a good student I just passed and i

was happy about it and so were my parents.

I used to get explained by my friends about the subject just

before the exam and rest which I did not know, we all are not

so innocent to just write what we know and come back home.

I used to sit in the last bench of my class and I used to write my

book and every time the professor came back I put up the note

the book upon it as if I was taking down notes. Thank god he did not check the notes I was on the same page the whole semester.

So it was never a problem for me to choose between studying

and writing.

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