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10 Tweets That’ll Make You LOL If You Have An Overprotective Mom

Back off, mom. Ugh.


You may have an over protective mom if you go on a week long vacation and you have this much sunscreen...


There are five types of fear. 1. terror 2: panic 3. 14 missed calls from mom 4: username or password is incorrect 5. we need to talk


legit thinking about blocking my mom on facebook


Oh your parents are protective? I was bike riding and literally caught my mom following me in her car...twice


Hanging with mom is fun because her protective instincts all get sublimated into making sure I finish my drink before we get to the airport.


My mom is the most overprotective woman ever! On my first date ever she literally took a pic of the dudes plate number 😂 I was so shook 🙄


random text from my mom all the way from taiwan 😂😭 #okaymomnoted


#SingleBecause my mom wont let me date


Me when I'm 21 : sorry my mom won't let me


All images via Snatched / 20th Century Fox

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