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6 Geeky Beers That I Must Get Drunk On

Because there ain't no party like a nerdcore party.

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  • 1. Romulan Ale

    Romulan Ale

    A souvenir beverage created for the 1998 opening of Vegas' Star Trek: The Experience attraction. Widely held responsible for James T. Kirk's unpublicized bout with alcoholism.

  • 2. Imperial Stout Trooper

    Imperial Stout Trooper

    The New England Brewing Company was required to change their original label, after a cease and desist letter by George Lucas. Who was probably drunk on said beer at the time, that hypocritical bastard.

  • 3. Tricerahops Double IPA

    Tricerahops Double IPA

    A descendent of Hopasauras Rex (seriously), created by Jamie Floyd of Ninkasi Brewing Company. Considered to be the perfect complement to "Land Before Time" drinking games.

  • 4. Gigabit IPA

    Gigabit IPA

    Hopworks created Gigabit IPA in an attempt to attract Google to Portland for their "Google Fiber for Communities" experiment. Google sees everything. Even your drinking habits.

  • 5. Sapporo Space Barley

    Sapporo Space Barley

    The barley that's used for Sapporo's Space Barley was grown aboard the International Space Station, making Sapporo the first brewery to create a beer with space-grown ingredients. It costs $115 per six pack. I can and will spend a sixth of my rent on getting space-tipsy.