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The Savior Of Gotham

All things in life are possible if you just let the Batman into your heart.

SnarkVictory 8 years ago

Secluded Scientology School Examined

A $42,000 a year boarding school located amidst the forests of western Oregon, Delphian has been operating on the principles of L. Ron Hubbard since 1970, despite a lack of academic accreditation. Although the inner workings of the school have previously remained a mystery, public denouncement of the principles of Scientology have recently emboldened alumni to speak about their experiences both at Delphian, and the affiliated labor corps Sea Org. (Click here to read full article.)

SnarkVictory 8 years ago

Karaoke Bar Sex Slaves Found In China

A retired fireman in China's Henan province has been arrested in conjunction with a "sex dungeon" discovered in Luoyang. In a bizarre case of deeply ingrained female subservience/Stockholm Syndrome, the surviving victims "bear no malice" towards their captor, given that he provided them with video games and DVDs to alleviate their boredom. (via

SnarkVictory 8 years ago

Canadian Man Has Sex With Cabbage Patch Dolls

Ottawa resident Richard Osborn is currently on trial for making and possessing pornography, as well as voyeurism. Among the videos seized at his arrest were several depicting him, um, penetrating a Cabbage Patch doll, which had been altered to provide easily accessible…orifices…I don't think I can continue. This man just ejaculated all over my childhood.

SnarkVictory 8 years ago

Anderson Cooper Eulogizes Jamey Rodemeyer

Anderson Cooper summarizes the 14 year old's struggle with intensely painful bullying, which ultimately led to his suicide. More importantly, he highlights anti-gay activists' denial of such harassment, and insists that they be held accountable for their part in such tragedies.

SnarkVictory 8 years ago

Jason Castillo Vs. Jason Castillo

Theory: They're the same person. And this is all just a very underappreciated piece of performance art. [Ed. note: Context! In case you missed this whole Qwikster thing today.]

SnarkVictory 8 years ago