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    19 Insanely Delicious Nutella Treats To Blow Your New Year's Diet On

    Nutella > everything else.

    1. Fudgy Nutella Chocolate Cake

    Roxana's Home Baking / Via

    2. Nutella Cheesecake Dip

    Snappy Gourmet / Via

    3. Nutella Crunch Cookies

    Back To Her Roots / Via

    4. Easy Nutella Cinnamon Rolls

    Dinners, Dishes, & Desserts / Via

    5. Nutella-Stuffed Browned Butter Blondies

    The Food Charlatan / Via

    6. Nutella-Stuffed Pancake Rolls

    Very Culinary / Via

    7. Baked Nutella Turnovers

    Barbara Bakes / Via

    8. Gluten-Free Chocolate Hazelnut Crumb Cake

    Cupcakes and Kale Chips / Via

    9. Nutella Churro Doughnut Holes

    Cafe Delites / Via

    10. Nutella Ganache

    Cravings of a Lunatic / Via

    11. Nutella Banana Croissants

    Culinary Hill / Via

    12. Nutella Truffles

    Crazy For Crust / Via

    13. Mini Raspberry Nutella Cookie Cups

    Life Made Sweeter / Via

    14. Nutella Brownie Fruit Pizza

    The Recipe Rebel / Via

    15. Nutella-Stuffed French Toast Sticks

    Valerie's Kitchen / Via

    16. Nutella Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

    The Kitchen Is My Playground / Via

    17. Nutella Tortilla Snowflakes

    Apron Strings / Via

    18. Nutella Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Fudge

    Nutmeg Nanny / Via

    19. Nutella-Stuffed Oatmeal Cookies

    Healthy Delicious / Via