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11 Reasons Every Holiday Is Best Celebrated In New York City

Parades, fireworks, and friends are all we need.

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1. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a 50-foot tree...and beautiful dancers ushering in the holiday spirit.

Gather in Rockefeller Center every year to celebrate the lighting of the tree, and then mosey on over to Radio City to catch a performance of the annual Christmas Spectacular!

2. Because we know that friends = family, especially on Thanksgiving.

Many twentysomethings who moved to the city to pursue their dreams did so at the expense of being far from their families. In the city, friends are family.

4. Because we BLEED GREEN.

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Every Saint Patrick's Day, thousands pour into the city to celebrate their Irish pride. The parade is hot, and the bars are hotter. Everyone is Irish on Saint Paddy's Day.

5. Because New Yorkers have the most pride.

LGBT Pride week hosts a series of fabulous events for every person on the spectrum and concludes with the thunderous Pride March, an annual parade marking the anniversary of the Stonewall Riot in 1969.

6. And where else better to ring in the New Year than at the center of the world?

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The whole world watches as New Yorkers and tourists alike come together in Times Square to watch the ball drop and countdown to the new year!

7. Because here, Fashion Week is the most important time of the year.


While not a national holiday, Fashion Week is definitely one of the most important weeks of the year to any real New Yorker. Every fall and spring, hundreds of designers flock to the city to exhibit their latest collections.

8. No one can dance like we can.

In Brooklyn, along Eastern Parkway, 1–3 million participants celebrate Caribbean Islander pride. It's always a good time. Make sure you grab some delicious street food in between the dancing, because you're sure to need some food to fuel your moves.

9. If you're gonna celebrate Chinese New Year in the U.S., it better be in Chinatown, NYC.

Because Chinese New Year is dependent on the lunar calendar, it fluctuates every year, and you'll have to keep your eye out in January and February. Make sure you make it to both the Firecracker Ceremony and the actual parade.

10. Little Italy is the best backdrop to celebrate the Feast of San Gennaro.

NYC is known for its mini pockets of authentic cultures. Every year, Little Italy — perhaps the most popular mini community in the city — plays host to the Feast of San Gennaro, a ceremony celebrating the Patron Saint of Naples. Enjoy delicious desserts and tasty sultry treats while listening to traditional Italian music.

11. Our patriotism spans from day to night flawlessly.

Independence Day in NYC is always extreme. Reward yourself for making it through a long day of bright, hot sunshine with a fireworks ceremony to rival any city. Nothing says patriotism louder than fireworks surrounding Lady Liberty herself.

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