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11 NYC Spots Where Laughter Fills The Walls

Everyone needs a little laughter in their lives. Stand-up comedy was born in NYC, just like Snapple. To find out more about the best places to fill your heart with laughter, keep reading!

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1. Carolines on Broadway: Midtown

Mat Szwajkos / Getty Images

Located in the heartbeat of NYC, this club has seen every big-name stand-up comedian you could possibly imagine. Come any night of the week, and you won't be disappointed. Check out the full schedule here!

2. Union Hall: Park Slope, Brooklyn

If intimacy is your vibe, Union Hall has the quaintest basement for comedy acts. The shows are cheap as heck, and you never know who'll be making a special appearance. BONUS: If you arrive early, you can play bocce while you wait for the show to start!

3. The Comedy Cellar: Greenwich Village

Courtesy of Tara Parian

This iconic stand-up hot spot is where many names in the industry got their start. A-listers will come here often (and usually unannounced) to brush up their acts and test new jokes. Best news ever: They recently opened a second location in the same 'hood.

4. Magnet Theater: Chelsea

Also a comedy school, Magnet Theater is best known for its wild and crazy improv shows. It's VERY important that you check out one of their house teams perform musical improv on Tuesdays if you've never seen it before!

5. Gotham Comedy Club: Chelsea

Courtesy of Jamie Aderski

Gotham Comedy Club is an excellent place to see a wide range of new stand-up talent AND those who have been around the block. If you ever want to get your foot in the door, they also offer stand-up classes.

6. EastVille Comedy Club: East Village

Courtesy of Matt Leary

EastVille is an ideal location to check out all types of hilarious stand-up comedy acts. It's also a fantastic place to work on new material if you're just starting out, as they have tons of open mics every week!

7. Littlefield: Gowanus, Brooklyn

This hidden gem is totally worth the trek to Brooklyn, and you won't be disappointed. For the best new and alternative comedy, Littlefield has it all.

8. Joe's Pub at The Public: Bowery

Courtesy of Kevin Yatarola / Joe's Pub at The Public

For more off-the-wall fun, Joe's Pub at The Public offers a variety of atypical shows. You never really know what to expect, so come with an open mind and prepare for anything!

9. The Annoyance Theatre: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This adorable comedy theater originated in Chicago, so you know it's going to offer the best of the best. With unique class offerings and a wide range of sketch, improv, and musical shows, your laughter will be echoing all the way into the streets of Brooklyn and beyond.

10. The Stand: Gramercy

There's never a dull moment at this intimate club, which has an overflow of comedians bringing hard laughs to your face seven nights a week. The Stand is your one-stop shop for top names in stand-up comedy.

11. The People's Improv Theater: Gramercy

The PIT was founded by a former SNL writer, so the bar has been set pretty high at this cooler-than-cool comedy club. With their priorities set on developing new talent, the courses they offer have been raved about all over town.

There's always something funny happening in New York City. Have a laugh while enjoying a Snapple -- Born In New York, Made For Everyone!