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9 Times Your Hairdresser Must've Heard You Wrong

Make it stop.

1. When you went in for a trim and got a pixie cut instead:

"Trim" and "pixie" don't even rhyme! Why do this? WHY?!

2. When you casually mentioned you were dabbling with the idea of highlights:

And your hairdresser dabbled with the idea of ruining your life.

3. When you asked for a "natural" look...

...and got zero-gravity hair instead.

4. When you specified that you hate having hair in your face... they blinded you with a curtain of your own hair follicles.

5. When you asked them to go light on the hair product:

Yet somehow your hair looks permanently damp and windswept.

6. When you said "just a little off the top, please!"

But they heard "TAKE IT. TAKE ALL OF THE HAIR."

7. When you explicitly stated you hate bangs:

Lo and behold: bangs. 😡

8. When your mom told the hairdresser to cut it "however the kids are wearing it these days!":

But the hairdresser heard, “Please socially incapacitate my daughter with the most ostracizing haircut possible.”

9. When you said "anything but a mullet, for the love of all that is good!"

But there was no love of anything good that day. None.

Finally, when you ask for extensions and get this:

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