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10 Thoughts Everyone Has In The Hospital Waiting Room

The mind wanders.

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1. "Oh look, there aren't that many people here — this won't be so bad after all!"

2. "I hope everyone in here who has a cold or cough is wearing a mask."

3. "Are they gonna say I deserved it?"

4. "I hope my doctor's hands aren't cold."

5. "Is everything in here ugly?"

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6. "Do the doctors ever race these wheelchairs around?"

7. "What if I make myself cry? Will that speed this up?"

8. "What if I have something that no one else has? Would I have to live here, in the hospital?"

9. "Will I need a shot?"

10. "What do you mean 'the cafeteria is closed'?"

"Why is HE going ahead of ME?"

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