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10 Annoying Individuals You Run Into At Every Movie Theatre

Don't be that person. Please. We're begging you.

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1. The Action Hero / Via

This person is full of energy and excitement, which explains why they're always kicking your seat. ;)

2. The Guardian

Paramount Pictures / Via

Serving their duty to protect "valued treasure," the guardian is always reserving an absurd amount of seats.

3. The Moonstruck Lovers


Every romantic film manifests itself when we behold this couple. They are the inseparable couple gazing longingly into each other's eyes from the moment they find a seat until the end credits.

4. The Trash Disposal / Via

The Trash Disposal tests your inner strength and patience as they nibble on every snack at the concession stand. Try not to freak out as you suffer through pervasive smells, constant chewing, and slurping from them during the film.

5. The Joker / Via

Since everything is soooo funny, this chaotic laugher enjoys every aspect of the movie.

6. The Drama Queen

Paramount / Via

This person is always jumping, screaming, or talking back to the screen. If you missed something, don't worry! The drama queen's got you covered, so you know exactly how emotionally invested in the movie you should be.

7. The Disco King / Via

Naturally, this restless individual will always sit in the front row so you can witness their seamless shifts and shakes.

8. The Detective


"Who is he?" "Why did she walk that way?" These are some of the many questions The Detective will ask during the movie. It's their duty to solve not a thing through endless inquiries.

9. The Killbot

HBO / Via

Usually jaded and undisturbed, this person murders the joy of film by giving away the ending.

10. The Drone


Whether it's a glaring light or a continuous buzz, the drone and their phone are dedicated to what's happening outside of the movie theatre while inside the theatre.

And the perpetually loud snacker, of course...

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