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10 GIFs That Perfectly Capture Seeing A Ghost

We've all been there.

1. When you witness a door slam all by itself.

2. When you see a ghost in a dream, realize you were only sleeping, BUT THEN REALIZE YOU HAVE DREAM GHOSTS.

3. When you're home alone but you see someone moving behind you in a mirror.

4. When your computer starts doing things on its own accord.

5. When someone gives you insanely creepy prolonged eye contact and you know they're not quite human.

6. When you find something in your house that's inexplicably wet and sticky and red.

7. When you hear a faint laugh but you're all alone.

8. When some unidentified object startles you out of nowhere and there could be zero natural causes.

9. When you know you put something somewhere and now it's gone EVEN THOUGH NO ONE ELSE WAS HOME.

10. When a cold, spooky feeling hits you and you just *know* something isn't right.

Finally, when you see an unidentified white shape moving in the darkness.

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