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10 Foolproof Ways To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Just in case one happens... Which it definitely, absolutely will one day. It's science.

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1. Take your home security to the next level.

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This will give you a short window to stall and prep yourself. Sure, barricading a door shut may take a lot of time to do and potentially draw them closer with noise, but if you pull it off, you can have a secret hideout where they can’t get you.

2. Go retro with paper maps and compasses.

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If technology fails you, you’ll still be covered. Honestly, even if technology doesn’t fail you, you should really learn how to read a map and a compass.

8. Know how to improvise a first aid kit.

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Can't find one? It's OK! It'll work to your advantage when you can clean out a wound with household products. In these pressing matters, you need to be as resourceful as possible.

9. Find a boat to sail away on the open seas.

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Zombies can't swim -- they don't drown either, but they definitely can't swim. If you live by a large body of water, sailing off in a boat is a quick way to eliminate the possibility of being attacked. Check for stowaways.

Stock up on food.

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