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11 Everyday Mysteries Everyone Is Apparently OK With

Just accept that this planet makes absolutely no sense and go about your day.

1. That one spot at your place that never has Wi-Fi.

2. What black hole do all your socks disappear through?

3. Even more concerning, how does someone ELSE'S socks always end up in YOUR laundry?

4. That one name in your phone you don't recognize, like, at all.

5. When your phone is out of juice, it's simply a law of nature that there won't be any accessible outlets around.

6. Who subscribed you to that annoying email list, and how do you stop the emails from coming?

7. What's the science behind Monday and Tuesday feeling 400% longer than Saturday and Sunday?

8. You get bad FOMO, but mysteriously, when you DO get invited to a party you just wanna chill on your couch.

9. When someone says you just repeated yourself and you have no memory of what you just said.

10. If you're going to butt-dial someone, the person, of course, HAS to be that one ex whom you still kinda like.

11. If you lose something and check the last place you saw it seven times, it won't be there. Check one more time? It's there. What the...?!

One mystery that CAN be solved is what happened to Carlton's friend Chip in the latest Snack Time. Watch the ep and choose between three different (but uniquely hilarious) endings to the story.

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