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What The Critics Said About "Bangerz" By Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus may have turned from Disney star to "Twerk" expert, but what do critics think of her latest album "Bangerz*"? *That's with a "Z" at the end...

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From a disguised pop star on Disney Channel's 'Hannah Montana' to going over the top with her twerking attitude, this is how Miley Cyrus like her life, and now her fourth album 'Bangerz' is released, surely you like to hear what critics thought of it.

As of October 8th 2013, Metacritic has a score of 66 while at Any Decent Music? it has a score of 5.7, here are some of what the critics said about Miley's new album from love to loathe:

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