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Neglected Marmite Ad Drew Complaints To The ASA

It seems that Marmite's ad campaign about neglected jars of the yeast extract generated complaints.

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On Monday, in-between the second part of ITV's Coronation Street, Marmite's latest £2m ad campaign was launched, the first in two years

There theme is "Stop Marmite Neglect", which addressed that 1 in 10 marmite jars were left unused in 3 months. Their ad, narrated by former BBC News anchor Michael Buerk, is supposed to take aim at animal rescue documentaries.

The ad in question...

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After a couple of days, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received over 300 complaints and counting, they're assessing if they'll investigate this if the ad is in "poor taste".

Meanwhile Unilever, the makers of Marmite, has donated £18,000 to the RSPCA.

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