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Justin Bieber: "Video Of The UFC Fight?"

While UFC 162 was memorable for a shock win, Justin wanted to ask his followers if there is a bootleg version of the main fight... Have you tried UFC TV?

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At UFC 162 on Saturday night, Anderson Silva lost to Chris Wieldman for the UFC middleweight title.

Justin Bieber missed the event and asked his 40m+ twitter followers this:

Over an hour later, UFC president Dana White has a bit of a message for Justin on that tweet...

Obviously, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), like other sporting organisations, are very strict on tackling internet piracy, they even have a dedicated paid YouTube channel called UFC Select, which has classic full bout highlights, legally of course.

So here is a bit of advice for Justin Bieber if he wants to watch that UFC match, legally...

Have you tried watching UFC 162, pay-per-view, on UFC's video on demand service?

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