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How Companies Reacts To Jeremy Clarkson's Sacking On Twitter

Well what do you expect...

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Discount chain Audi has an offer for their soon-to-be opened store in Chipping Norton, which is in Oxfordshire.

Don’t worry @JeremyClarkson, our Chipping Norton store’s opening soon, so contact @AldiCareersUK if you’re interested :) #RIPTopGear

Virgin Media knows who to fill Top Gear's space...

BREAKING NEWS: Zayn Malik has left One Direction… to replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear. #ZaynMalik #RIPTopGear

...and who to replace Zayn* from One Direction.

BREAKING NEWS: @JeremyClarkson left Top Gear… to replace Zayn Malik in #OneDirection #RipTopGear #ZaynMalik

*Zayn Malik quit the boyband on the very day of Clarkson's sacking.

Irish cable company UPC figured out what happens to The Stig...

Some say, #TopGear Stig has been released back into the wild, greeted by his pack and is running free! ^BA

WWE taught us we can relate to sackings (it featured a video from Monday Night Raw in 2012)

#RIPTopGear? Don't worry, @JeremyClarkson...@WWE Superstars are no stranger to this kind of controversial situation:

Discovery-owned Quest has the viewers' back...

#RIPTopGear don't be sad we have wall to wall quality car shows on Quest! #carscarscars

Cocio (brand of chocolate milk) have some food for thought...

There's no point crying over spilt milk, Jeremy Clarkson. #JeremyClarkson

Via Twitter: @CocioUK

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