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5 Stages Of A Wine Night With Your Girls

You just discovered that Mirassou’s Cabernet Sauvignon is on two for one. What do you do next? Continue to the ice cream aisle? Wine is gross. Buy only one and throw $9 down the drain because you don’t want people to judge you for having more than one bottle of wine in your house? Throw 4 in your cart ($18 for 4 bottles of Mirassou!?! That’s a steal!) and call your girls. It’s time for a wine night! If you picked the first or second choice, this article isn’t for you. But if the third option described your typical Friday night to the tee, read on! Here are the 5 stages of a wine night:

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1. Cheers!

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You popped the cork off that first bottle and you’re ready to get the night started. Make up is still fully intact and you are thankful to have such good looking friends.

2. Selfie-Time.

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You’re 3 glasses in and it’s selfie-time. Which filter makes everyone look good? Candid or posing? Don’t forget to include the Mirassou bottle in the shot!

3. Ran out of wine.

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It’s 9:45pm and the supermarket closes at 10. You call the uber as fast as you can, jump in and race to grab the last 2 bottles of Mirasu Pinot Grigio and head back home to continue the fun.

4. Debate going out.

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Even though your make-up is no longer one hundo, you’re feeling good and want to party! You look around and eyes are half way shut, shoulders and shlumped and snuggies are out. How do you convince these girls that wine is the prefect pre-game drink???

5. You tried but to no avail.

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Everyone’s fallen asleep and it’s time to raise your white flag. In the battle of you vs. wine, wine has prevailed (once again). All you can do now is put a bottle of Advil with a glass of water next to your bed and snuggle up next to your BFF.

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