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5 Do's And Do Not's For When It Comes To Your Girlfriend

Fellas we could all use a little help with our girlfriend skills. So here are some tips from me to you to try and step-up that game a little bit.

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5 Do's

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* Fellas, tell her she's pretty more times than not.

* Surprise her with flowers every once in awhile, there's no reason why this couldn't put a girl in a good mood.

* Cook an occasional dinner, show her you are more than capable to cook more than just Easy Mac and Tombstones.

* Take her out to the movie she has been talking to you/hinting about for the past week.

* Make sure she always has a shoulder to cry on.

5 Dont's

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* Never tell your girlfriend she should start working out (MAJOR KEY)!!!

* Do not ever mention anything good that happened in your past relationships, she wasn't apart of it so she DOESN'T care.

* Don't buy any other type of flowers besides roses, come on guys, splurge a little bit.

* If you see a girl out in public with your girlfriend, and she's trying to talk to you... RUN!

* If a girl texts you while you're with your girlfriend, you definitely run! And don't come out till you know it's safe.

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