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All you need to know about SMSU’s Tiger Tiger Takeover

For the first big night of Love Your Union Week, we’re taking you to one of London's biggest and best clubs! It is going to be an incredible night, but we know that a lot of our students don’t go out in London that much - with that in mind, here’s our guide how to do it safely, cheaply and have the best night possible!

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How to get there / Via

Getting to Tiger Tiger is really easy if you know how. If you’re going from an area with a National Rail station (Strawberry Hill, Twickenham or Kingston for example) then you just need to hop on a train to Waterloo for the first leg of your journey. Then it's 3 stops on the Bakerloo line to Piccadilly circus. Once you get there, you just need to turn one corner onto Haymarket and you’re there! It should take no more than an hour in total, but if you travel with friends the time will fly by!

Getting Back. / Via

Getting back is easy too, but you’ll need to take a slightly different route if you’re leaving past 1am as the tube will be shit. Whenever you want to leave after this point, it’s a quick walk down Piccadilly road where you can get the N22 which will take you straight to Twickenham.

If you’re taking a cab home, make sure you book it with a proper company, and try to travel with a friend. Use Gett for black cabs, Uber or find a local number - but don’t get into an unbooked minicab. You don’t know who is driving it, and it puts you in needless danger!

Won't Central London be expensive?

Usually, a night out in Central London a night out can add up. In this case though, Tiger Tiger will have student-friendly drinks prices on the night – so there’s no need to worry about your wallet.

Getting in.


With our Love Your Union Week wristband, your entry to the club is taken care of. You can buy one here (LINK) for £12.90. Alternatively, if you just want the Tiger Tiger experience, then we will be selling individual wristbands for the night – they cost £7. Bear in mind that the overall wristband is only £5.90 more though, and this includes your tickets to the Puppy Rooms, Bus 2 Club and Friday’s TW1 Sessions!

We’ll see you there very soon – if you have any questions, please email our VP Community Tim Rogers on

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