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What's Your Karma?

Do you ever wonder what your Karma is? Well here's your chance to find out.

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  1. When someone is trying to describe you, the word they would use is...

    Mostly selfless
    Half selfish, half selfless
    Very selfish
  2. When you see others in need, you...

    Go to serve them
    Ask if they need help
    Look at them and see that they need help and feel bad for them
    Judge them
    Ignore them
  3. Which of these words would someone use to describe you?

    respectful toward most people
    respectful toward everyone
    a person of integrity
    kinda of nice...kinda not
    someone who won't follow through
  4. When it comes to your family, you...

    honor them and love them
    don't talk about them behind your back
    I love them, but I talk about them sometimes
    I really don't like my family
    I don't have a family....or at least I don't want one.
  5. "Do unto others as you would have them do to you." This is....

    the Golden rule--I live by it
    The Golden rule--I try my best
    It's the Golden rule, but I'm not really good at it
    I'm not sure that I'm good at following any rules
    Every man for himself--that's the Golden rule
  6. When someone makes you mad, you...

    Forgive them as quickly as possible. What they did was wrong, but it is important to forgive.
    Forgive and forget
    Wow, it takes me a while to forgive.
    It depends on the person. For some people, I do hold grudges.
    Grudges are easier than forgiveness.
  7. When you walk by someone in the hall, you...

    compliment them
    you might say something nice about them to a friend
    just look at them...
    say something bad about them to a friend
    say something bad about them to their face
  8. When you see someone win and you yourself lost, how would you describe yourself?

    I congratulate them and am genuinely happy for them.
    I'm sad that I lost, but I congratulate them
    I'm pretty upset that I lost, so I don't really say anything. I might say things to my friends so that they feel bad for me.
    I'm pretty jealous. And mad.
    I'm definitely jealous, mad, and say mean things to her face.
  9. When the teacher leaves the room and there is a test on my desk, I...

    stay focused on my test, that is the right thing to do
    try my best to stay focused on my test
    It is really hard not to cheat when everyone else is. I'm having a hard time making the right choice.
    I'm going to share my answers with my friends
    Cheat...flat out cheat
  10. When someone is rude to me, I am...

    nice to them
    try my best to be nice
    just shut up...but I'm thinking some really mean things
    I'm pretty sassy and rude toward them
    Yea, I'm just rude.
  11. When I see someone I don't like, I...

    say hi and am nice to them
    say hi
    just walk by
    I'm pretty mean and I think horrible things about them
    I murder them.
  12. When a decision is to be made, who do you consult?

    God, of course!
    My family and friends, and God
    My family and friends
    Friends only
    There is no God. I am my own God and I can make my own decisions.
  13. When it comes to authority figures, I...

    respect them
    listen to them
    I appear to be respecting and listening to them
    I don't really listen to them
    I don't respect them at all.
  14. When I see something I don't like, I...

    Just move on. I recognize I don't like it, but I don't need to think about it.
    I don't like it, but I try my best to keep living.
    Yea, I don't like it at all. I think about how much I don't like it all the time.
    I hate it. I can't live with it.
    I am extremely judgmental.
  15. I see something in the store that I want but can't afford. What do I do?

    It must mean that I am not meant to have it. I don't need it anyway.
    Gosh, I really want it, but I know I don't need it.
    I am going to convince someone to buy it for me.
    I am going to consider stealing it.
    I steal it.
  16. When I see someone I don't like, I...

    Say nice things to them
    Call them by their name and say hi
    don't say anything to them
    call them names behind their back
    call them names to their face
  17. When I am asked to read the book Ramayana, what do I do?

    Read it of course!
    Read it because my teacher told me to.
    Read some of it, and read the summaries for the rest
    Just read summaries
    Read nothing.

What's Your Karma?

You got: Highest Caste: Brahmin

Priests, Academics

Highest Caste: Brahmin
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You got: 2nd Highest Caste: Kshatrya

Warriors, Kings

2nd Highest Caste: Kshatrya
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You got: Middle Caste: Vaishya

Merchants, Landowners

Middle Caste: Vaishya
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You got: Lowest Caste: Sudra

Commoners, Peasants, Servants

Lowest Caste: Sudra
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You got: Outcast: Untouchables

Out of Caste, Street Sweepers, latrine cleaners

Outcast: Untouchables
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