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    • Smitty85

      As a native Houstonian I am a yelper. With a conscious budget and a wife who shares my taste for good times we use the site as a cautionary for folks like us. My rules are strict and simple:
      1) I only review places that I’ve visited more than once.
      2) No fast food joints, convenient stores or any place of the sort.
      3) My rating criteria is: service, quality of product, atmosphere and accuracy of price per benefits.
      4) No slandering, biased ratings or lying (believe it or not).
      By these means I have posted many reviews that accurately rate a business per my experience. I’ve had business owners contact me and apologize for a detail in my review that cast a negative shadow upon their business; some of which I’ve returned and given another chance to and adjusted my review when necessary. Other business owners have invited me for a freebie for the positive accolades. I don’t like the idea that a social-media-happy person can write a 5 star review for almost every place they visit perhaps b/c marijuana exhilarates most experiences. You also get the ones who gives low reviews b/c of a one-time incident or every other establishment in the world is perfect except for the ones these people may visit. Just as technology competes for people’s jobs urging people to evolve, Yelp can be dire to businesses so these establishments must mature as well. I like Yelp for its purpose: setting expectations for businesses, its source for local events around town, being an elite member to enjoy grand openings of various new functions, and the service in communities that benefit an otherwise under-privileged cause. I don’t like the abusers of Yelp whether members/users or abusers from within… allegedly.

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