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    15 Ways Online Dating Is Like Finding A New Job

    Finding a new job and trying to meet someone online are oddly similar. This list compiles ways that career hunting and date searching are practically the same thing. Seriously, the similarities are uncanny! Anyone who has ever tried to find a decent date or job will 100% agree.

    1. Finding the right "match"

    2. Getting excited to go on a date or interview

    3. Dealing with Rejection

    4. Making a good first impression

    5. Figuring out what to wear

    6. Having to talk about yourself

    7. Picturing yourself with a specific person or company

    8. Trying not to come across as desperate

    9. Looking for clues or red flags

    10. Research

    11. Listening to your instincts

    12. Trying to be yourself

    13. Answering the same questions

    14. You have to get out there to get responses

    15. You don't want to settle