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What Your Signature Dance Move Says About You

Dance like EVERYONE'S watching.

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4. The Clappy Chappy

Let's take a second to applaud you, because you're the first one to get the crowd going in appreciation of what's going down. Whether it's props to the DJ or your fellow dancers, you're a constant bundle of positive energy.

8. The Sprinkler

The sprinkler swept the nation in 2010, mooted as England's answer to the "Haka". It's certainly much less threatening than a New Zealand war cry, but we'd say just as rousing and much easier to join in!

9. The Mime

Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) - America's Got Talent poppin MiMe/ENT-boi 2014 / Via

Busting out the comedy actions early, like washing windows or pretending you're trapped in a glass box (an utter classic), shows someone with an active imagination. It's even better when others join in on the imagination act too!

10. The Headbang / Via

No matter what your music style, headbanging is a beat we can all groove to. I mean, if you have a lovely, flowing mane, and you love to let the music take over, why not whip your hair back and forth? (Whip your hair back and forth, whip your hair back and forth.)

12. The Hands Only

WGN-TV / Via

Anyone can throw their hands in the air, waving them about like they just don't care, but a hand-waver is a dignified presence. They'll always be the first ones to direct you to the dance floor. (It's thataway!)

13. The Bob

Mainostelevision / Via

The bob is for a dancer who's biding their time. Sure, you'll bust out the bigger moves when the time calls for it. But for now, you're just letting the rhythm take over with a quiet confidence that says "not yet, but soon..."

16. The Oops Up Side Your Head

Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) -The Gap Band - Oops Upside your Head / Via

It means like to sit down, and you like to row? One of the stranger dance phenomenons, sure, but it's a great case for the idea that if it feels right, you should just go ahead and do it!

18. The Harlem Shake

Still reminisce fondly about the Harlem Shake? Well you've clearly got a taste for a bit of dance floor anarchy – throwing the rule book out the window and encouraging everyone to just go crazy!

19. The Choreographed Routine

Clear a space, your troupe have been waiting to bust this out for months. This is your stage, your song, and your moment to express yourselves. And who's to say there won't be a talent scout amongst the crowd?

20. The Vogue

Art Matters Inc. / Via

Clean lines, sharp shapes, and admiring looks abound, voguing as an art form has come to embody everything we love and admire about dancing: inclusivity, tolerance, style, and a pure, unashamed freedom of expression.

The dance floor is a place where everyone is equal. Express yourself and enjoy Smirnoff responsibly.

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